Axial Publishing is producing the TransAxial Series of which McShane is the general editor. A list of currently available books follows below. To purchase any of these titles contact Axial Publishing by phone or email.
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1. A Brief History of Tongue From Big Bang to Coloured Wholes
Philip McShane
$25.00 (23.00 US)
Language emerges in you, in Hellen Keller, in civilization with a Big Bang. McShane cuts beyond current about language learning by focusing on the roots of that Big Bang in human creativity and speach. The result is a new and radical view of language.

2.Economics for Everyone Das Jus Kapital
Philip McShane

$30.00 (27.00 US)

3.Pastkeynes Pastmodern Economics A Fresh Pragmatism
Philip McShane
$30.00 (27.00 US)
Keynes was never relevant and postmodernism is a fashionable (f)arse. This book is an explosive, yet pragmatic, push beyond the vulgar destructiveness of present economics. What is missing is vision. A new enlightened opposition will gradually replace the present stupefication of classes, the global abuse of citizens

4.Beyond Establishment Economics No Thank You Mankiw
Bruce Anderson & Philip McShane

$35.00 (32.00 US)
This is a critical attack on Gregory Mankiw's acclaimed first year economics text, Principles of Macroeconomics. The authors take Mankiw to task both for datedness of methodology and for triviality of content. Mankiw's book, of course, is representative of the present culture of irrelevant economic education. The remedy to this, spelled out in Beyond Establishment Economics, lies in a fresh understanding of the rhythms of production. That realistic understanding shifts the focus of interest away from establishment illusions regarding finance and stock-trading, and highlights the centrality of local creativities and intelligent credit structures.

5.Introducing Critical Thinking
John Benton, Alessandra Drage, Philip McShane

$30.00 (27.00 US)
Introducing Critical Thinking reaches out to a wide audience with an introductory answer to the question, "what is critical thinking?" The answer you are invited to work towards should be an enlightenment not only regarding your education, but also regarding your life-possibilities. This book takes seriously the Socratic slogans "know thyself" and "the unexamined life is not worth living." It does so by focusing on the question of knowing yourself as a thinker. In a very concrete and inspirational way this text offers hope for a new ethos in learning, teaching and adult growth. Introducing Critical Thinking looks to the future with optimism, bringing fresh and practical vision to the most fundamental problems in philosophy.

6.Music That Is Soundless
Philip McShane

$25.00 (23.00 US)
Before the dawn comes round
Here in the night dead-hushed with all its glamours
The music without sound
The solitude that clamours.

John of the Cross (1542-1591)
Songs between the Soul and Bridegroom
Music That Is Soundless is a book about loneliness. The final two lines of this poem might well have been the title of this book. For there is a bud in our birth that clamours in solitude. To take possession of that bud is to vibrate to A Fine Tuning, akin to Aristotle's finest way. This book invites you to turn your heart toward that heart of loneliness which is our reach for the Music Without Sound, our desire for God.

7.Thinking Woman
Alessandra Gillis Drage

$25.00 (23.00 US)
In a world where women have long been marginalized, a personal appropriation of what it is to be thinking, to be a thinking woman, to know oneself as thinker, is vastly important. Women tend to know instinctively that our human questioning and thinking is an intimate inner reach in us, a vital dynamic of mind. Yet this deepest of self-assets is scarcely noticed by any of us, much less analysed and reflected upon. In a very concrete and inspirational way,Thinking Woman offers women – and all who have such questions – an introductory answer to the question, ‘who am I as thinker?’ It invites women to an appreciation of their mind-ing selves. It offers a journey, a process of discovery, possibly even be a way of life for some. Further, it is a global invitation to change our ideas about women, particularly about women’s thinking in the world, and to consider the significant rise of feminism at this crucial time in our history. Just as women have a profound part to play in our societies, so Thinking Woman anticipates a future in which women’s luminous self-knowledge will emerge and lead the way.

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